Scratchbox - June 21, 2024
Issued: 10:20hrs Thursday 20th June 2024

Filotas: High pressure over the eastern parts of the British Isles will give a generally dry and bright day with good sunshine developing in the afternoon over England and Wales. Further north and west, over Ireland and Scotland expect a cloudier day with freshening winds. Temperatures will rise up to 15C in north, but 20C in south.

Issued: 15:12hrs Wednesday 19th June 2024

Filotas: Cloudy thickening up over western Scotland with some light rain for Hebrides, western Highlands and the Northern Isles through the evening. Elsewhere over Ireland, England and Wales a mostly cloudy but dry evening and night. T

Issued: 06:07hrs Wednesday 19th June 2024

Filotas: A mostly dry day for Ireland with some good sunny spells and light winds. Rather cloudy for England and Wales with a few light showers in the afternoon mostly in the north. A breezy and mostly cloudy day for Scotland perhaps with a few shower over the Northern Isles.

Issued: 15:30hrs Tuesday 18th June 2024

Simon: Some showers through central Scotland and northern England this afternoon. Rain to clipping Kent. Dry elsewhere but plenty of cloud. Best sunshine southwest England through the southern Midlands and central southern England.

Issued: 07:23hrs Tuesday 18th June 2024

Simon: A fair day for Tuesday for many. Good spells of sunshine. However, some showers in centra and southern Scotland, extending into northern England. Some cloud in the far south of England and the threat of some rain clipping the far southeast too.

Issued: 15:13hrs Monday 17th June 2024

Simon: Signs of warmer and drier weather next week. Hay making

Issued: 07:38hrs Monday 17th June 2024

Simon: Showers this morning in northern and eastern Scotland and northern England. Best sunshine in the south.